Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I'm so glad I found ya!

Hey guys, hope your week is going well! 
For this blog post I decided to pick out a few of my favourite charity shop finds that I am just super duper glad that I found and picked up. I'm pretty poor at the moment and haven't managed to do any shopping in so so long and I'm feeling pretty sad about it, so I'm looking through my clothes that I already have and appreciating them a little more! I have so many clothes that I have found in charity shops that are really great finds or amazing bagains, such as cool vintage jumpers, a retro playsuit, a Topshop dress for £2 and a vintage dress for £1! But some of them don't fit too well or aren't really me and even when they're pretty cheap I sometimes regret picking them up and spending the money on them (it all adds up!) when I could have left them there for someone else who would love them as much as I love the items I've listed here!

 Vintage belt-50p
I love this belt! It's SO cute and goes perfectly high wasited, it adds detail to plainer outfits and I think it has real character. The buckle is so so pretty too.

Slush Puppy Tee- £1
I love this top! It was actually a Hollywood Bowl work tshirt but I cut the logo off the sleeves and distressed the sleeves a little too so that it has even more of a retro look. When I bought this I'm pretty sure they were selling slush puppy tees in either topshop or new look? So I was happy to find this for £1!

Vintage bag-99p
I was shocked to see the 99p label on this bag as it is SO cute and really good quality. When I got this bag about a year ago, I used it allll the time, but some how, unfortunately I lost the shoulder strap from it on a night out! :'( I bought a replacement strap which I use with another little charity shop bag too.

Lilac high waist shorts- £3/4ish?
I can't remember how much these were! I just remember seeing them on a mannequin in the charity shop and thinking I don't care how much they are... I NEED them! Haha but I went and asked what size and how much they are and I think they were around three or four pounds so I thought that was really good, theyre slightly oversized but I think they look really good.

Floral trousers-£4ish
Again, I can't remember how much these were but I loved the print of them, they're really high wasited and they're so comfy. I've only worn them once as I bought them in the Autumn time and they're really thin so the weather has to be nice for them, I think they will be really nice this summer (if it stops raininnn!)

Animal print blouse-£1
I found this on a £1 rack in one of the charity shops I go to and thought it looked cute, I like how it's not too sheer but it's not a proper shirt either and I was really drawn to the print. I wasn't sure about it at first because it was a size 20 but I like blouses and shirts oversized and as it was only a pound I bought it anyway. Once I tried it on and styled it with high waisted shorts/leggings, I fell in love... The size is perfect with some high waist bottoms as it just looks super cute and as if it's meant to be oversized! :-)

What are some of your most loved charity shop finds and why?! :-)

Love Charlotte x


  1. I Just wanted to let you know that I've 'nominated' you for the Liebster Award because I love your blog :) You can check my blog out for details, it'd be great if you could continue this (but its okay if you don't want to!) x

  2. Cute post! Great finds! :)

    Kelly xx