Monday, 25 February 2013

British Tea Party, Inspiration!

Sooo I am very lucky to have been given a task, through my university course with the other fashion students on the course, to style a silk scarf for a photo shoot!
We had a talk from the woman who owns the company, learned about the origins of scarves in general and all about the scarves she produces. Once I have done the shoot, I will show you guys the images and explain more about the scarves etc then! But the scarf I have chosen is SO cute, and I have so many ideas already!
The theme we have been given for the shoot is a British tea party, which will be really cute and so much fun as we are going to have little cup cakes, cute tea cups and maybe even champagne! I'm just going to post a few images to inspire me a little more (and to procrastinate, I have my uni deadline on Friday :( booo!) soo here they are....

 None of these images are mine! Alllll from google images. Can't wait to have my own images to upload though!

Once again, I want to thank every one who has commented for all the lovely comments and a huuuuge thank you to anyone who has followed me! I'm still in shock that there are people out there interested in the stuff I go on about on here so thank you so much! I really appreciate you all :)

Love Charlotte x

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Charity shop haul!

(I'm not naked, just strapless until I realised it deffo looked like nude pics hahaha)!!

Please click 'read more' for (WAAAY) more photos and post! :-)