Friday, 29 November 2013

Biiiig update!

Soooo the last time I posted on here was almost SIX months ago... I didn't realize it had been that long. But I'm planning on getting back into blogging as much as possible as I currently have a lot of free time on my hands, but first I thought I should write out an 'Update' post for anyone who is interested!
If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr you probably already know what I'm going to write here... Haha.

First, I moved out with my boyfriend and my cat into a cute little house which is pretty exciting. We had been planning on it for a while and finally got round to actually doing it... seeing as we have nearly been together 4 years, it was about time really! 

All of our new home cards! :)

cute cat tray I got from the bootsale for 10p 

Little jars. 

I <3 tea cushion! 

Cake stand and salt & pepper shakers, from Dunelm Mill. 

Cute saucers & sandwich plates, all for £1 from a charity shop!

The desk area

My baby girl in the new garden! 

Stopping me from watching TV

Decorating the bedroom! 

My new bed looking all cuuuute!

Next, in September I turned 21 years old! Didn't do much for my birthday but I had a lovely day with my family and boyfriend all the same and I was really very spoiled too!

And lastly, and definitely the biggest thing.... I am having a baby! This meant I couldn't start my degree course at university in September and I couldn't drink on my 21st (booo!) but it will alllll be worth it! I'm due on January 15th and unfortunately don't know 100% if I'm having a baby boy or girl, but I think it's going to be a girl... the lady who did the scan said there were 'No obvious boy parts but it's hard to tell', and knowing my luck I'd buy lots of cute dresses and paint the nursery pink and she would come out a he! Haha. So for now I'm trying my best to play it safe.

Baby clothes! I couldn't resist picking up the strawberry print clothes from TKmaxx 
(plz be a girllll)
Got some really cute knitted hats & blankets from the bootsale too!

Me and Liam as babies, wondering who our little one will look like...

Ikea cuddly toys and a sweet bunny night light!

Bump photos! & my cat cuddling my bump ahha

Sooooo there it is! A lot going on for me at the moment but now I have internet in my new house and everythings a little more settled I do plan to get back to blogging. I plan for my blog to stay pretty similar with personal style posts, charity shop posts, occasional makeup posts etc. but there will probably be more home related things thrown in and of course the bump will be present in any outfit posts! 
Sorry all of the photos were from Instagram too, it was just the easiest way to update!
Lastly, thank youuuuuu to my new followers, I've been pretty shocked at the occasion emails to my phone saying that I have new followers on here as I haven't posted in so long but thank you thank you thank youuuu :)

Love Charlotte x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Turquoise Pop!

So every time the AVON book gets posted through my door I can't help but have a look through it. Overall I enjoy using AVON products, I think they are good quality and good value for money... Now and again I will order things and be really unhappy with them but that's not often. This time I ordered two of these Speed Dry +30 nail varnishes, one in turquoise pop and the other in ballerina which is a very pale pink. I also ordered a nail tool which I will be trying out soon too. I have only used this colour so far but I am SO pleased with it... The colour was a little more green than it looked in the book but I still really like it. I've tried many nail polishes that claim to dry super duper fast but quite often they don't, this one however dried so so fast.. I was actually shocked. A thin coat dries in about 20-40 seconds and a thicker coat in maybe 40 seconds to just over a minute, when I use it again I will time it properly but I am pretty impressed. The brush is a nice quality and I feel the nail polish went onto my nails really smoothly and evenly. I am so happy with this product, after trying it out and painting all my nails in it I have nothing bad to say so far and I've already been looking at what colours to pick next!
Anyone who uses Avon will know their offers are forever changing and there's usually various offers on many items throughout the book, the offer at the time was buy one nail polish and get one free, so I paid £6 for both of the nail polishes. At the moment the offer is two items for £8 over a few pages and these are on one of the included pages. Also in the little 'sale' book that has been handed out this time a few shades of these varnishes are in there for £2, which is a right bargain!!

How many of you use avon products?

Love Charlotte x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Feeling pretty childish

Quick post of an outfit I wore on Sunday! Sorry the photos are awful, they are just quick ones I took on my phone before going out and only now realised that I really like this outfit and thought I would share! I will do a more detailed post on most of these items as I have a load of new things to blog about. 

Micky Mouse crop top- Primark- £6
High wasited denim shorts- Car boot- £2
Bag- Primark- Oldddd
Jelly shoes- Juju jellies via debenhams- £15
Sunglasses- Primark- £1

Love Charlotte x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

lil bit of charity shopping

Sooo I haven't done a blog post in a while! I've been real busy with uni work and then enjoying the sun the past few days (yay sun!!!!!). I have attempted a few outfit snaps using my new tripod but I just can't seem to get them right and cringe at all the photos I've taken! :-( But anywayyy... here a a few bits I recently picked up from the charity shops, I went in just to find some stuff for the last bits of my uni work but obviously ended up picking stuff up for myself. The skirt is for my uni work and I've made it into a cute little matching two piece, once I get it back from uni I'm definitely going to be wearing it! I thought the pastel stripe jumper was really cute and it's clearly hand made too which I thought was really cute! I can imagine wearing it in the summer evenings when it starts to cool down over a plain maxi dress or some high wasited shorts. I picked up this cool Dr Martens tee from the mens section, I've been keeping my eye out for tshirts like this for a while now as I think they're really great to DIY and look awesome. The last thing is this skirt, the first photo doesn't really do it justice so I've taken a close up of it to show the gorgeous beading AND it's originally from Miss Selfridge, pretty good for £1!! 

Red floral skirt-£2.50
Dr Martens tshirt- £1
Pastel knitted jumper- £1
Beaded skirt- £1
(All from charity shops)

Love Charlotte x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I'm so glad I found ya!

Hey guys, hope your week is going well! 
For this blog post I decided to pick out a few of my favourite charity shop finds that I am just super duper glad that I found and picked up. I'm pretty poor at the moment and haven't managed to do any shopping in so so long and I'm feeling pretty sad about it, so I'm looking through my clothes that I already have and appreciating them a little more! I have so many clothes that I have found in charity shops that are really great finds or amazing bagains, such as cool vintage jumpers, a retro playsuit, a Topshop dress for £2 and a vintage dress for £1! But some of them don't fit too well or aren't really me and even when they're pretty cheap I sometimes regret picking them up and spending the money on them (it all adds up!) when I could have left them there for someone else who would love them as much as I love the items I've listed here!

 Vintage belt-50p
I love this belt! It's SO cute and goes perfectly high wasited, it adds detail to plainer outfits and I think it has real character. The buckle is so so pretty too.

Slush Puppy Tee- £1
I love this top! It was actually a Hollywood Bowl work tshirt but I cut the logo off the sleeves and distressed the sleeves a little too so that it has even more of a retro look. When I bought this I'm pretty sure they were selling slush puppy tees in either topshop or new look? So I was happy to find this for £1!

Vintage bag-99p
I was shocked to see the 99p label on this bag as it is SO cute and really good quality. When I got this bag about a year ago, I used it allll the time, but some how, unfortunately I lost the shoulder strap from it on a night out! :'( I bought a replacement strap which I use with another little charity shop bag too.

Lilac high waist shorts- £3/4ish?
I can't remember how much these were! I just remember seeing them on a mannequin in the charity shop and thinking I don't care how much they are... I NEED them! Haha but I went and asked what size and how much they are and I think they were around three or four pounds so I thought that was really good, theyre slightly oversized but I think they look really good.

Floral trousers-£4ish
Again, I can't remember how much these were but I loved the print of them, they're really high wasited and they're so comfy. I've only worn them once as I bought them in the Autumn time and they're really thin so the weather has to be nice for them, I think they will be really nice this summer (if it stops raininnn!)

Animal print blouse-£1
I found this on a £1 rack in one of the charity shops I go to and thought it looked cute, I like how it's not too sheer but it's not a proper shirt either and I was really drawn to the print. I wasn't sure about it at first because it was a size 20 but I like blouses and shirts oversized and as it was only a pound I bought it anyway. Once I tried it on and styled it with high waisted shorts/leggings, I fell in love... The size is perfect with some high waist bottoms as it just looks super cute and as if it's meant to be oversized! :-)

What are some of your most loved charity shop finds and why?! :-)

Love Charlotte x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

What I've been instagramming.....
 Sunday 5th May

1. My party outfit from Saturday night 
(floral trousers-£5-Primark)
(Studded loafers-£cant remember too long agoooo!- ebay)
2.Found my kitty eating cat food from the tin!! Naughty naughty!
3. It was a sunny day so me and my friend had a 'picnic' haha
4. Our vodka & juice mixtures
5. Sittin on the grass :-) 
(high waisted/wet look leggings-£18ish-ebay)
(studded loafers- ya can them on ebay! :-D)
(leather backpack-£5sale-primark)
Monday 6th May

My hilarious pup pulling a face (she had been trying to chew up my bandana about 
5 seconds before this photo was taken!)
Tuesday 7th May

1. Me and my dog... I like to pretend that we were both pulling faces for the photo...
2. Photo collage, a selfie, my outfit and picnic set up for a photoshoot!
3.The outfit I styled for the shoot.
(Blouse-99p-New Look via charity shop)
(Skirt-£1-Vintage/Charity shop)
(Shell necklace-£5ish-H&M)
4.The picnic being set up for the shoot, with real cherry bakewells and wine and muffins!! mmmm. How cute is the picnic basket too?!
Thursday 9th May

1. Topsy peeking into the bath at me and crying to get in. 
2. Me and Topsy, taken on Tuesday... her face is just too hilarious hahahhaha
3. Throwback Thursday! This was 2009, crazy how much my hair has changed!
 Friday 10th May

 1. My baby, Spot
2. My friend brought me some jelly haha!
3. My cat Lola gave birth to two gorgeous little kittens
4. Me eating yet again, cupcakes!
 Sunday 12th May

On Saturday I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and managed to find myself a coke with my name on it! Obviously I had to take a photo of it for instagram the next day, duuuh. :-)

Soooo here is my week-ish on instagram, my instagram is @charlibellexx if anyone is interested in following! :-) I am hoping to get a more detailed post up on here about the photoshoot I was a part of on Tuesday as I'm pretty excited about it. It was suchhhh a gorgeous day so I was really glad to be out in the sun on a 'picnic' and it was definitely one of the cutest shoots ever & it was lots of fun.

Hope you've all had a greatttt weekend!

Love Charlotte x