Sunday, 16 June 2013

Turquoise Pop!

So every time the AVON book gets posted through my door I can't help but have a look through it. Overall I enjoy using AVON products, I think they are good quality and good value for money... Now and again I will order things and be really unhappy with them but that's not often. This time I ordered two of these Speed Dry +30 nail varnishes, one in turquoise pop and the other in ballerina which is a very pale pink. I also ordered a nail tool which I will be trying out soon too. I have only used this colour so far but I am SO pleased with it... The colour was a little more green than it looked in the book but I still really like it. I've tried many nail polishes that claim to dry super duper fast but quite often they don't, this one however dried so so fast.. I was actually shocked. A thin coat dries in about 20-40 seconds and a thicker coat in maybe 40 seconds to just over a minute, when I use it again I will time it properly but I am pretty impressed. The brush is a nice quality and I feel the nail polish went onto my nails really smoothly and evenly. I am so happy with this product, after trying it out and painting all my nails in it I have nothing bad to say so far and I've already been looking at what colours to pick next!
Anyone who uses Avon will know their offers are forever changing and there's usually various offers on many items throughout the book, the offer at the time was buy one nail polish and get one free, so I paid £6 for both of the nail polishes. At the moment the offer is two items for £8 over a few pages and these are on one of the included pages. Also in the little 'sale' book that has been handed out this time a few shades of these varnishes are in there for £2, which is a right bargain!!

How many of you use avon products?

Love Charlotte x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Feeling pretty childish

Quick post of an outfit I wore on Sunday! Sorry the photos are awful, they are just quick ones I took on my phone before going out and only now realised that I really like this outfit and thought I would share! I will do a more detailed post on most of these items as I have a load of new things to blog about. 

Micky Mouse crop top- Primark- £6
High wasited denim shorts- Car boot- £2
Bag- Primark- Oldddd
Jelly shoes- Juju jellies via debenhams- £15
Sunglasses- Primark- £1

Love Charlotte x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

lil bit of charity shopping

Sooo I haven't done a blog post in a while! I've been real busy with uni work and then enjoying the sun the past few days (yay sun!!!!!). I have attempted a few outfit snaps using my new tripod but I just can't seem to get them right and cringe at all the photos I've taken! :-( But anywayyy... here a a few bits I recently picked up from the charity shops, I went in just to find some stuff for the last bits of my uni work but obviously ended up picking stuff up for myself. The skirt is for my uni work and I've made it into a cute little matching two piece, once I get it back from uni I'm definitely going to be wearing it! I thought the pastel stripe jumper was really cute and it's clearly hand made too which I thought was really cute! I can imagine wearing it in the summer evenings when it starts to cool down over a plain maxi dress or some high wasited shorts. I picked up this cool Dr Martens tee from the mens section, I've been keeping my eye out for tshirts like this for a while now as I think they're really great to DIY and look awesome. The last thing is this skirt, the first photo doesn't really do it justice so I've taken a close up of it to show the gorgeous beading AND it's originally from Miss Selfridge, pretty good for £1!! 

Red floral skirt-£2.50
Dr Martens tshirt- £1
Pastel knitted jumper- £1
Beaded skirt- £1
(All from charity shops)

Love Charlotte x