Sunday, 12 May 2013

What I've been instagramming.....
 Sunday 5th May

1. My party outfit from Saturday night 
(floral trousers-£5-Primark)
(Studded loafers-£cant remember too long agoooo!- ebay)
2.Found my kitty eating cat food from the tin!! Naughty naughty!
3. It was a sunny day so me and my friend had a 'picnic' haha
4. Our vodka & juice mixtures
5. Sittin on the grass :-) 
(high waisted/wet look leggings-£18ish-ebay)
(studded loafers- ya can them on ebay! :-D)
(leather backpack-£5sale-primark)
Monday 6th May

My hilarious pup pulling a face (she had been trying to chew up my bandana about 
5 seconds before this photo was taken!)
Tuesday 7th May

1. Me and my dog... I like to pretend that we were both pulling faces for the photo...
2. Photo collage, a selfie, my outfit and picnic set up for a photoshoot!
3.The outfit I styled for the shoot.
(Blouse-99p-New Look via charity shop)
(Skirt-£1-Vintage/Charity shop)
(Shell necklace-£5ish-H&M)
4.The picnic being set up for the shoot, with real cherry bakewells and wine and muffins!! mmmm. How cute is the picnic basket too?!
Thursday 9th May

1. Topsy peeking into the bath at me and crying to get in. 
2. Me and Topsy, taken on Tuesday... her face is just too hilarious hahahhaha
3. Throwback Thursday! This was 2009, crazy how much my hair has changed!
 Friday 10th May

 1. My baby, Spot
2. My friend brought me some jelly haha!
3. My cat Lola gave birth to two gorgeous little kittens
4. Me eating yet again, cupcakes!
 Sunday 12th May

On Saturday I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and managed to find myself a coke with my name on it! Obviously I had to take a photo of it for instagram the next day, duuuh. :-)

Soooo here is my week-ish on instagram, my instagram is @charlibellexx if anyone is interested in following! :-) I am hoping to get a more detailed post up on here about the photoshoot I was a part of on Tuesday as I'm pretty excited about it. It was suchhhh a gorgeous day so I was really glad to be out in the sun on a 'picnic' and it was definitely one of the cutest shoots ever & it was lots of fun.

Hope you've all had a greatttt weekend!

Love Charlotte x 

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